Sustainable Development

At Winsome, we recognize that our long-term success is closely linked to preserving the environment and promoting the well-being of the communities around us. This recognition is directly aligned with our values: harmony, collaboration, respect and sharing.

Développement durable-Winsome Resources


We aspire to set exemplary standards for the industry in environmental protection. These standards include implementing preventive and proactive measures to minimize our impact on ecosystems to leave a legacy for future generations.

This is why our projects are developed with the objective of reducing their environmental impacts to the minimum and considered over the long term, so that in the end, the affected sites can be rehabilitated and regain their ecosystem functions. To this end, let us highlight how fortunate we are that our projects are located near hydroelectric power stations. This allows us to develop the infrastructure necessary for our activities with a reduced impact on the environment and to carry out our projects over the long-term using one of the cleanest and least polluting renewable energies available on the planet.

Milieu d'accueil des communautés-Winsome Resources


On the ground, the Winsome team actively works to develop harmonious and lasting relationships with the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee in James Bay, the traditional guardians of this territory. These connections play a vital role in enabling us to honor our commitment to preserving and respecting this precious cultural heritage. As Winsome’s business grows and expands, our commitment to the community grows proportionately. It is the same with the communities of Abitibi and Jamésie also concerned by the projects developed by Winsome and for which we hope to be of added value to the efforts already deployed in the territory.

Also, at the heart of our concerns are the health, safety and collective well-being of our employees, our contractual partners and all stakeholders involved in our activities. Our company wishes to contribute positively by generating employment opportunities and supporting the development of local communities in order to promote mutually beneficial development.


As an Australian listed company, we are required to comply with the governance requirements set out by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), as well as laws and regulations. regulations from Australian federal and state authorities. In addition, we must also respect all local, provincial, and national laws and regulations in the context of the activities we carry out in Quebec and Canada. Winsome maintains close collaboration with relevant regulatory authorities and consultants to ensure that all our activities are conducted in a compliant and responsible manner.

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Ongoing: UL ECOLOGO® for mineral exploration

UL ECOLOGO® Certification for Mineral Exploration is the first comprehensive certification for mineral exploration companies. It is awarded by a third party following a rigorous compliance process.

The Winsome team is deeply committed to sustainable and responsible mineral exploration. Since July 2023, Winsome has been working hard to complete the steps required to eventually obtain UL ECOLOGO® certification for its mining exploration activities. This is a testament to the team’s commitment to operating in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.