Project Sirmac-Clappier

Key points

Mining titles:
Project area:
20 km²
Type of work in progress:

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Sirmac-Clappier, an advantageous geographic location

The Sirmac-Clappier project covers a total area of 20 km², with 39 mining claims within the zone. Surface rock formations reveal high concentrations of lithium. The rock formations in that area generally have high lithium concentrations. The site is located less than 3 km from an existing high-grade lithium deposit. To date, no lithium discoveries have been made on this project, and outcrops are less common than in more northerly areas, making exploration more complex. We are currently evaluating the most appropriate strategy for assessing the potential of the project’s claims.

In addition to these characteristics, the project enjoys an advantageous geographic location, close to the major mining town of Chibougamau, as well as to airport infrastructures. The property is also crossed by road and Hydro-Québec electricity infrastructures, further enhancing its development potential.

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