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Procurement Policy

Winsome Resources (Winsome) is committed to producing minerals in harmony and with respect for the territory and its inhabitants. This commitment extends to the pursuit of mutual benefits and working as responsible partners, in line with the expectations and values of the communities that welcome us to the Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory where our operations are based. Our procurement policy also aims to ensure our diligence regarding ethical issues inherent in our procurement processes.

The objective of the guidelines below is to inform potential suppliers of procurement criteria and steps to be taken in order to be listed as a formal supplier for the sale of products or services to Winsome.



Procurement Committee: The committee established by Winsome consisting of, at a minimum, the General Manager – Canada and a member of the Canadian senior team.

Request for appeal: The terms refer to a formal solicitation by the organization for goods or services. It can take various forms, such as a call for tenders, a request for estimates or a request for information.

Indigenous Business: A business owned and managed by one or more members of an Indigenous community (Subject to an official definition published by the Cree authorities).

Cree Business: This term refers specifically to a business owned and operated by members of the Cree community. (Subject to an official definition and business registry published by the Cree community and regional authorities).

Local Business: A local business is defined as a non-Indigenous business or organization having an office or place of business in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory, more precisely near the project site concerned by the application for procurement, or in any city / community where Winsome Resources owns or leases office space.

Immediate family: Member of the tally person’s immediate family.

Supplier: A business registered in the Québec business registry or an individual who provides goods or services.

Authorized Supplier: A supplier registered as such on the Winsome Resources list through a formal process.

Tally person: Cree person recognized by a Cree community as responsible for supervising activities related to the exercise of the right to harvest on a trapline.

Community development corporation: A corporation established under the authority of a Cree Nation community.


Tender Process

When Winsome seeks a new supplier of goods or services, it initiates a competitive bidding process through its list of authorized suppliers and through public channels. To be added to Winsome’s list of suppliers, please contact us by email (approvisionnement@winsomeresources.ca) and we will send you the necessary forms. Existing licensed suppliers may also add new product or service offerings by contacting Winsome’s team. To be considered, you must first be registered as an Authorized Supplier.


Evaluation of Quotes

When the procurement committee receives a new quote, it evaluates the information provided and contacts bidders to inform them of the next steps. Depending on the expected cost and complexity of the purchase, an information session could be organized to clarify the requirements.


Contractual Requirements and Supplier Selection

Proposals and specifications from authorized suppliers are analyzed by the Procurement Committee based on the type of services offered and the quality of the proposal. The quality of a proposal is evaluated based on several criteria such as the supplier’s experience, the certifications held, the availability of its resources, competitiveness, technical support, technologies, the level of involvement of Indigenous and/or Cree communities in the execution of the mandate, etc. Once the conditions are met, the procurement representatives will oversee the negotiations.

When a supplier is selected, the procurement team is responsible for forwarding all contract documents for signature, contacting the accounts payable department to facilitate the transaction and recording all agreements.


Anti-Corruption Statement

Winsome is committed to conducting all of its business activities fairly, honestly, with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. The Board of Directors, management and employees are committed to the highest ethical standards and recognize and support Winsome’s commitment to these standards.

In particular, Winsome is committed to preventing all forms of corruption, bribery and compliance with all laws relating to such matters, including applicable anti-corruption laws.

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