Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

With our Canadian assets, we wish to meet the growing global demand for lithium and thus become one of the major players in the Quebec and Canadian strategy on critical and strategic minerals. We aim to carry out our mining projects through the complete mining development cycle, from exploration to rehabilitation. At the heart of our vision is our commitment to the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, our contractors, suppliers and surrounding communities. We believe it is possible to take a project through its entire life cycle without serious or fatal accidents, and that is why the health, safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. We are committed to follow those principles;

  • Each task can be performed without injury.
  • Operational excellence is based on the absence of injury in the workplace.
  • Health and safety are fundamental values in all aspects of our business.
  • The strong commitment of the management team and from every employee at all levels is essential to create and maintain a healthy and injury-free workplace.

These principles will be achieved through our commitment to:

  • Meeting all our health and safety legal obligations;
  • Deploying all necessary measures required to ensure that the risks to our employees, contractors, suppliers and community members are exposed to are at an acceptable level when conducting the tasks we entrust them to, in the living environment that we offer them, and in the mode of transport that we make available to them;
  • Defining roles and responsibilities regarding health, safety and wellbeing, and obtain everyone’s commitment;
  • Implementing an agile health, safety and wellbeing management system that adapts to our growth;
  • Training our employees and contractors to recognize the hazards and changes in conditions that could affect their health, safety and wellbeing, and make them aware of their stop work authority;
  • Seizing all learning opportunities to continuously improve our health, safety and wellbeing processes by reporting and investigating accidents and incidents, establishing and monitoring our performance indicators, and by auditing our management systems periodically;
  • Staying informed of best practices in the industry by participating in QMA, QMEA activities and consulting ICMM publications;
  • Listening to the people who work for us, both our employees and our contractors, by actively seeking their contribution on health, safety and wellbeing matters, and following up on all their comments and suggestions.

Powering progress, SAFEguarding Future

We also support continuous improvement by implementing world-class health and safety standards at each exploration site, and measuring the ongoing performance of our three proactive safety pillars:

  1. Individual safety engagement meetings.
  2. Hazard recognition and control before starting any task.
  3. Reporting and monitoring of past-close incidents.

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