Meeting with tallymen and their families

Since August, the Winsome team has intensified its commitment to strengthening ties with the Mistissini community, the tallymen and their families from the land where the company has some projects underway. This is part of Winsome’s deep commitment to Quebec and its people.

At the end of August, Geneviève Morinville, our Vice President Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs, Antoine Fournier, Vice-President, Exploration, and Carl Caumartin, General Manager, Canada, spent two days in Mistissini meeting with local tallymen. The purpose was to present our projects and engage in open dialogue with key players.

The meeting helped to foster mutual understanding of upcoming activities and to gather valuable local information.

Adina on-site visit

In late September, we organized an on-site visit to the Adina site for several Mistissini Cree tallymen and their family members. Some even had the chance to fly in by helicopter, offering a unique perspective on our activities. During the flight, we had the opportunity to share knowledge of the ecological and traditional value of certain points on the Adina site.

Winsome remains firmly committed to working closely with local communities, listening to their needs, and integrating their insights into our projects. This approach continues to strengthen our relationship with our employees and create mutually beneficial opportunities for the future.