A weather station at Adina to better understand the local environment

At the heart of the Adina Lithium Project (Adina), a new meteorological station has just been installed. This station will play a crucial role in characterizing the local environment by providing precise data and thus helping the decision making for the future stages of this developing project, presently in the exploration phase.

The weather station will collect a wealth of information essential to a better understanding of the climatic conditions specific to Adina. Among the parameters that will be monitored are precipitation (snow and rain) volumes, wind direction and speed, sunshine levels, water evaporation rates, and much more. This data will be collected in real time, providing an in-depth understanding of the local environment.

“One of the benefits of installing this meteorological station is the opportunity to build a database rich in climatic information. This database will be an invaluable resource to support future baseline meteorological and hydrological studies, air quality dispersion, water balance modeling and the design of potential infrastructure on the site,” explains Vice-President, Sustainable Development and Regulatory Affairs, Geneviève Morinville.

The installation of this meteorological station marks an important milestone for Winsome Resources. It will be an asset for years to come, ensuring that every decision made for Adina, when relevant to do so, is based on accurate, up-to-date climate data.