Producing the minerals the world needs, in the way the world demands it.

About us

Winsome is a young lithium mining exploration and development company founded in Australia in June 2021 and listed on the Stock Exchange (ASX). It has put down roots in Northern Quebec, where it has highly promising mining claims and relies on the fine expertise of a dedicated, dynamic local team. Winsome has a world-class portfolio of lithium exploration projects in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region.

Respect & collaboration

At Winsome, we base our approach on building and maintaining respectful and collaborative relationships with our project host communities. With our leading Canadian assets, we aim to meet the growing global demand for lithium and become a major player in the Quebec and Canadian strategy for critical and strategic minerals.

Our ambition is to take our mining projects through the entire mining development cycle, from exploration to rehabilitation. For this reason, we are actively dedicated to fulfilling every commitment we make to our communities.

Our Mission

Producing the minerals the world needs, in the way the world demands it.

Harmony & sharing

At Winsome, we believe that producing minerals responsibly, thoughtfully and in line with community requirements and values constitutes the only possible path to more humane, sustainable, and harmonious mining.

We are committed to always act based on best practices in order to develop projects that respect the land and its inhabitants. That’s why we strive to integrate the knowledge shared by our host communities to create projects that are beneficial and coherent to all.

Vision & Values

Creating value in a spirit of respect

At the heart of our vision lies our commitment to creating value by developing the strategic minerals industry in a spirit of collaboration and respect. We aspire to ensure that the positive impact of our activities extends beyond economic boundaries to include social and environmental dimensions.

In developing this value chain, we strive to generate sustainable benefits for all parties involved, ensuring mutual growth, and building partnerships with the community that reflect our core values and those of our partners.


Understanding and respecting nature, communities, and their cultures. Listening so that our activities are in harmony with the environment in which they are carried out.


Integrating ancestral and contemporary knowledge to create, together, projects that will be sustainable and beneficial to all.


Being open and listening to communities so that our visions can evolve together while respecting each other’s aspirations.


Sharing knowledge, concerns, progress, returns, and benefits to ensure that each project has a positive and lasting impact on its environment.